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    "...there cannot be a future drive towards sustainable power generation without it being married to measures of energy efficiency and conservation".

    - Australian Quarterly, Oct-Dec 2016, Prof. Derek Abbott

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    Eskom currently contributes about 44.5% to the national greenhouse gas emissions - Anoj Singh (CFO, Eskom).

    - BizCommunity: Climate Change News, 26/10/2016

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    Alex has been consulting to many of South Africa’s blue-chip companies for the past five years, using innovative thinking to help them reduce their impact on the environment and enhance their bottom line. He is also a founding member of Carbon Calculated, a carbon management consultancy, and is also the creator of Carbon Known, a carbon management software solution.
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  • Small firms in the dark over going green

    Friday, May 19, 2017

    A survey conducted by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs) and supported by JP Morgan has found that very few manufacturing small, medium and macro enterprises (SMMEs) in Gauteng are environmentally aware and engaged in the green economy.

    Fast facts:

    • “Zumas come and go, but we get one shot at the environment,” says Dr Jonathan Marks, a senior lecturer at Gibs who teaches entrepreneurship.
    • Much of SA’s economy relies on extractive industries, which damages the environment, he says.
    • At the 2017 World Economic Forum, it was highlighted that large numbers of people are employed by green industry businesses, including 3.5-million in Bangladesh, 1.4-million in Brazil and 2-million in Germany.
    • The Gibs study found a limited understanding of what it meant to be sustainable and part of the green economy.
    • Many SMMEs are not willing to sacrifice profit for better environmental practices.
    • Ethical practice among some SMMEs is also quite poor in the areas of governance and human rights, Marks says. Many of these businesses feel that if the government is “lying, cheating and stealing”, they are entitled to do the same.
    • The government needs to communicate more clearly the business benefits of sustainable practice, making it easy for SMMEs to access funding and support for these, the study recommends.

    Source: Business Day: Economy and Environment, Hanna Ziady, 10/042017

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